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Lyrics for "One and Only" & "Convocation of T.I.M.E."  

 Written in continual revision for nearly the last 10 years until recently completed and performed by Truth-I with musical accompaniment at the Indigenous Soul event in Asheville in December, the lyrics to One and Only, and Convocation of T.I.M.E. are finally up!  It is with great excitement that these pieces are finally up and available to the world!  Both are soon to be recorded and released! Follow the links to the respective text pages...

One and Only is an epic-style poem, a long, stream of consciousness flow that weaves a tale of the narrator's exploration of self in relation to existing spiritual paradigms, and an awakening to the ultimate conclusion that All is One... A piece that feels familiar to many who have also contemplated similar themes.

Convocation of T.I.M.E., a rhythmic oeuvre that lulls the listener/reader to exploring the conventional notions of time and mind, using two core acronyms of the word time to open up a new way of relating to the concept... T.I.M.E can be experienced by each of us as Truth I Manifest Eternally, as well as This Infinite Moment Evermore...


A Joyful, Healthy, Abundant Year to All! 

Happy New Year!!

May 2015 bring music, health, wisdom, abundance, and continued manifestation of all your visions!!

We're gearing up for a busy year; with new music to record and release, video projects underway, and the goal to get out and tour as much as reasonably possible given that our manager is a toddler and doesn't like to drive very far before getting restless...

In the meantime, Aradhana's got a new ukelele, courtesy of Santa, and for the next couple of cold months, we'll be posted up in the den, bringing new song ideas to life!

It's a big year for humans, can you feel it?  As we continue to evolve faster than the static, clunky, and elitist mechanisms of our socio-politico-economic systems, the world is ripe for innovation, solutions, teamwork, and heart-centered visionaries to emerge and lead us... go get 'em team!

All love and blessings be with you, 

I,Star Family

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I,Star Beyond Coal and Happy Solstice!! 

On Friday, December 19, to kick off this past special winter solstice/new moon weekend, we were honored to partner with Asheville Beyond Coal and Yogis Beyond Coal, to throw Christmas Beyond Coal, an awareness-raising event at Medea's Espresso & Juice Bar in Arden!!  In addition to our percussionist Michal Oliver, our musical family Colin Martin, Nex Millen, and Shamanique also performed, as well as special guests Soham, Shen, and Noah Stockdale making surprise appearances!

While the music was rocking from beginning to end, our ultimate purpose was to lift the vibes of the gathering  and support the increased awareness of Asheville's energy situation and plant the seeds for future collaborative events... Our hosts, Dan and Medea Galligan, and their son Chris, kept the organic, cold-pressed juice flowing and their locally sourced organic food was delicious!

With the venue sitting 3/4 mile north of the Asheville Coal Plant on Lake Julian, the largest polluter and carbon emitter in Western North Carolina,  the evening represented a new step, taking the conversation surrounding this beautiful landscape's energy future to Duke Energy's front door.  Guests were all happy to add their signatures to a petition of thousands to retire the coal plant and urge Duke to find clean, sustainable sources of power.  Presenters Emma Greenbaum, Lisa Sherman, and photographer Mark Schmerling shared the mission of their organizations, with photos and some unfortunate facts on the extent of the environmental impact of coal power plants, from mountaintop removal in Appalachia to the coal ash ponds leeching into the watershed around the region, to the toxic emissions from the plants themselves...

We are proud to stand with Asheville Beyond Coal and hope to see the conversation get much bigger, transcending its often charged and divisive potential, so that we can come together and make choices that benefit all of our children and their descendants!

Further, we believe that though solar and wind power are certainly a step in the right direction by not polluting our environment and generating waste directly, the need for rare earth minerals in these technologies and thus the continued impetus to exploit the natural resources of third world countries by military invasions and extractive industries, makes these often lauded methods transitional at best.  Possibilities for a real solution to clean, renewable energy remain outside the realm of the politicized and profit driven status quo.  Innovation in this field was largely catalyzed by Nikola Tesla nearly a century ago, who believed that limitless power could be drawn from the phenomena of counter-rotating magnetic fields, as well as the ionosphere itself, the atmospheric source of the static electrical discharges we call lightning. As limitless energy from nature does not profit those that prefer to manufacture and sell it, we all know why the capitalists of the 20th century did not support the energy paradigm of decentralized, abundant, and low-cost/free sources. Now a decade and a half into the 21ist century, as the onslaught of public relations campaigns and media rhetoric continue amidst widespread concerns over the consequences of our leaders' historical endemic shortsightedness, it seems fairly preposterous that with the strides humans have made in microchips and other technologies over the last few decades, the computer typing these words is powered by coal burned to boil water, a steam engine method that is literally centuries old!  

Author's note- From my observations, I believe that humans are actually not ready for free energy, as paradoxically, the high cost of energy in today's world serves to slow down the rate at which this civilization consumes. Thus, as we first move towards a shift of consciousness by seeking to know and love ourselves and all life, live in balance with nature, and treasure the forests, mountains, and rivers that we have, perhaps the much needed overunity device that would power a symbiotic global culture will reveal itself...

Peace and blessings to all for a joyous, healthy, abundant holiday season,

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Welcome to the new IStarVision.Com!! 

In the last few weeks, we have transitioned to this beautiful new website and so far done a soft launch as we continue to build content! Just wanted to say officially, we're glad you found us and look forward to sharing new songs, videos, and musings! We will do an official launch likely after the crazy holiday season!  We love you! Truth-I, Aradhana, and Perseia


I,Star- You,Star- We,Star- Keep in touch!


Listen, read the lyrics, Name Your Price and download I,Star's debut album, Music and the Mood here!



Big Ivy Benefit Show & Ecstatic Dance feat. I,Star :: Numatik :: Juan Holladay :Infinite Geometry :: Peter Levitov @ New Mountain Ridge Room

New Mountain AVL Ridge Room, 38 N. French Broad Ave., Asheville, NC


Saturday March 7th $10 at door New Mountain AVL Ridge Room I,Star :: Numatik Music:: Peter Levitov Music :: Juan Daniel Holladay :: Infinite Geometry: The artwork of Andy Reed


The purpose of this intentional gathering is to bring our community together in a celebratory fashion to DANCE, imbibe delicious sacramental CACAO, and enjoy wonderful live conscious musical performances in support of our local forests.

Please arrive on time for the Dance & Cacao Circle if you're able. A limited supply of Silvermoon Chocolate treats will be gifted to those who come early. :) ♥

100% of profits will go to Friends of Big Ivy, a local organization dedicated to stewarding and protecting the breathtakingly beautiful Big Ivy section of Pisgah National Forest from being subject to clear-cuts by the logging industry.


6:30-7:30 :: ECSTATIC DANCE feat. Infinite Geometry Start out the evening with an array of juicy beats and blissful soundscapes to get your feet moving and heart opening. Come on an ethereal journey through some tribal & ethnic auditory frequencies. []

7:30-8:00 :: CACAO CIRCLE feat. Truth-I & Peter Levitov Truth-I will lead a breath-centered meditation into a soundscape provided by Peter Levitov and his magical hardpan []

8:00-9:30 :: I,Star & Friends (Supernova Folk-Hop) The locally based genre-swirling mind-dilating project of singer-songwriter Aradhana Silvermoon and poet/emcee Truth-I Manifest and a band of talented merry collaborators including Michal Oliver, Soham (David Weber), and other special guests []

9:30-10:30 :: Juan Holladay aka Franky Flow (of the Secret B-Sides) With his silky smooth vocals, witty songwriting, and natural inclination to funk, Juan keeps the hips moving and the hearts beating in rhythm []

10:30-12:00 :: Numatik (juicy earthen bass boogie) Asheville born and raised, 19 year old producer/DJ Summit Jaffe closes the night by sending the energy over the top with an intelligent array of beats to lift the soul []

$10 Age limit: All ages



Kinnection Campout 2015

 —  —

Deerfields Retreat, Asheville, NC


Kinnection Campout 2015 has found its new home at the legendary Deerfields, located just outside of Asheville, NC in the beautiful rolling hills of southern Appalachia!

While Deerfields has been hosting small music festivals and regional burns for decades, it has not hosted an event of our kind since STS9's Re:Generation Festival and Trinumeral 9.9.9. We are honored to be welcomed onto this amazing land and we look forward to showing Deerfields what a safe, respectful, & all-around wonderful vibe our community brings. Complete with two pristine swimming lakes and surrounded by 1000's of acres of Pisgah National Forest, it has been our dream to host a gathering at this special site since we stepped foot on it ten years ago. Those of you who have experienced its magic know it already; and for those who have yet to, we are so excited to share it with you!

Save the date (May 14-17, 2015) and make sure you stay tuned to the channels for announcements, invitations, & opportunities. Our mailing list subscribers will get first dibs on a limited round of pre-sale tickets. See below for channels to follow.

~Tickets on sale Feb 8th.~ First dibs on early bird tickets to members of our mailing list. Become a Member:

And a sneak peek into the TC labs to show what we're brewing up for you all this year: a primitive skills village, a squishy acoustic chill-out temple space, diverse musical lineup spanning everything from rootsy organic instrumental music to world-infused bass, and adjusted hours that will balance bright days full of focused connection & activities with nights full of dancing. · · · MAILING LIST: WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: · · · Graphic by the one & only Dima Yastronaut Graphic Art!

Event Mission: We believe in the power of integrating the wisdom of traditional tribal culture with the emerging modern visionary culture. The campout is our humble attempt at integrating the power of praying, dancing, and learning into an experience that offers a tangible glimpse into a new way of relating to each other, to ourselves, and to the entire breathing world of which we are part. We look forward to kinnecting with you and the gifts you bring, as we get in touch with our roots and explore together what it means to be a tribe in 2015, complete with electronic bass music, permaculture classes, and medicine songs around the sacred fire.

So here we go for Round 4, with new friends and old!

Stay tuned for full detail announcements...:

Age limit: All ages