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Christmas Beyond Coal @ Medea's w/ I,Star, Colin Martin, Nex Millen, and Shamanique

Medea's Espresso and Juice Bar, 200 Julian Ln, Arden, NC


Come join Asheville Beyond Coal, local musicians I,Star, Colin You Home, Nex Millen, and SHAMANIQUE, and some of our favorite local food producers at Medea's Espresso & Juice Bar on Friday, 12/19 for a night of deliciousness, rocking high-vibe music and raising awareness while creating intentions to have sustainable clean energy in Asheville and beyond...

"Asheville Beyond Coal is a large and growing grassroots movement calling on Duke Energy to phase out the Asheville coal plant and transition to powering our community with clean energy, joining the ranks of cities small and large across the country that are moving away from coal..."

Schedule of Events (approx. times):

6:00pm - DJ Nex Millen

7:00pm - Shamanique

7:20pm - Emma Greenbaum of Asheville Beyond Coal

7:35pm - I,Star/Colin Martin w/special guests Set 1

8:25pm - Lisa Sherman of Yogis Beyond Coal

8:35pm - I,Star/Colin Martin w/special guests Set 2

9:25pm - Emma Greenbaum of Asheville Beyond Coal

9:35-11pm - DJ Nex Millen

"Duke Energy's Asheville coal plant is the largest single source of carbon pollution in Western North Carolina, and a major cause of climate disruption. There is a vast support in our community for transitioning off coal as a means of lessening our contribution to climate change and protecting our air and water from the impacts of pollution from the coal plant. Over 5,000 people have signed petitions supporting these goals and, last year, the Asheville City Council voted unanimously for a resolution calling on Duke Energy to transition off of fossil fuels and onto clean energy."

Click here for more info:

Free Age limit: All ages