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Watch the new music video for "Stand On This Rock (Weh Hi Wa) featuring Cherokee Elder Yona Frenchhawk and download the track for Name-Your-Price here!  Proceeds from the sale of this track will benefit water protectors in Standing Rock as well as Western NC...

With all love, respect, and gratitude, we offer this new song- “Stand on This Rock (Weh Hi Yah)” featuring our friend and Elder of the Cherokee (Tsalagi) Nation, Yona Frenchhawk, alongside our own Truth-I Manifest and Aradhana Silvermoon- in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux, the 350 indigenous tribes that have joined them, the US military veterans, and their allies from across the country and around the world…   

To us, this unprecedented gathering of people in a peaceful, prayerful demonstration of Unity- braving the hostilities of private security contractors, militarized police, and the bitter cold, to protect Water in the name of all of our children, and call greater attention to the urgent need to finally and immediately end the stranglehold of the Big Oil paradigm- is the most inspiring event we have ever witnessed and we know that we are not alone in that sentiment.

Although we have not been able to travel to Standing Rock ourselves, many of our friends from all over have gone, and the stories they’ve shared, along with livestreams and video footage posted online, has painted an intense, yet amazing picture of a large group of people willing to go to extremes to be of service to a cause greater than themselves, to contribute to the healing of this world, and to listen and learn from the Elders and leaders who are guiding the movement.  The model of this nonviolent resistance to the rampant destruction of the Earth has set an example that is sure to spread to the four corners of the globe, inspiring current and future generations… a true watershed moment in history. At long last, the Native wisdom of honring the sanctity of our Mother Earth is returning and will light the way for many generations to come.

In light of the Army Corps of Engineers’ recent announcement about denying the easement, Energy Transfer Partners/Sunoco Logistics Partners statement of intent to continue drilling in defiance of the 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie, current federal law, and the US government’s resistance to actually do anything about it, the stakes continue to be high.  Prayers and material support for the Oceti Sakowin encampment are needed now more than ever…

Many thanks to Blue Cobalt, of Living Paradise, whose video production has so beautifully captured the vitality and magic of Looking Glass Falls in Western NC, and brought the vision of this unique collaboration to a breathtaking fruition! Please check out his documentary series on intentional communities and ecovillages, at

For more information about Yona FrenchHawk, his teachings, ceremonies, and healing work, please visit YonaFrenchHawk.Com...

Track produced at Good Flow Productions, Asheville, NC, and engineered by Anthony Dorion.

We can’t wait to debut the full-band version of this song on our upcoming album, “All Eyes!”


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Download Stand On This Rock (Acoustic) feat. Yona Frenchhawk here!!

Download Stand On This Rock (Acoustic) feat. Yona Frenchhawk here!!

Purchase our new live EP "Alive in Asheville" now!

Purchase our new live EP "Alive in Asheville" now!

Listen, read the lyrics, Name Your Price and download I,Star's debut album, Music and the Mood here!

Listen, read the lyrics, Name Your Price and download I,Star's debut album, Music and the Mood here!


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