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Here you will find I,Star Music, the core passion that draws poet/emcee Truth-I Manifest and songstress Aradhana Silvermoon together in love and expression, as well as videos, articles, and more intended to inspire and educate in the realms of holistic living, energy cultivation, sacred union, permaculture, and much more...

Here's The Latest:

Surrendering to the Upgrade: Adventures in Breathing, Climbing, and Being 

Yesterday, Truth-I and Rob headed to the gorgeous region of Boone, NC to pick up Rob's new car; they plotted and planned the next steps for our music, philosophized, and contemplated the metaphor of "Surrendering to the Upgrade." On the way back to Asheville, they headed up to the Blue Ridge Parkway, and visited some of Rob's favorite sacred spots, including an ice-cold mountain stream, where Rob promptly stripped off his clothes and jumped in to practice a next level breathing technique taught by "The Iceman" Wim Hof, that circulates qi and blood so well that he can withstand cold water far longer than "normal" people... 

Then, Rob took Truth-I up to Beacon Heights, an enormous quatzite overlook very close to Grandfather Mountain.  At just under 4400', one has panoramic views that includes the Piedmont to the East/SouthEast (left side of photo), Table Rock and Hawk's Beak to the South (left middle background), Grandmother Mountain (middle foreground w/antenna), and Mt. Mitchell and the whole Black Mountain Ridge with multiple peaks over 6000' (right middle background)!

Up on the stone incline, Rob demonstrated his technique of "downclimbing" or "goloming," an awesome strength, conditioning, and focus exercise...  

Rob's website is chock full of music, information about his upcoming book, retreats, workshops, blog posts, and videos of him sharing his favorite pieces of knowledge on how to be healthy, grounded, and inspired!

Check back in often, subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for lots more fun and music as we get into the swing of this season's tours and adventures! 

Cloud Forest Conservancy Initiative 

Well, spring has sprung and brought with it a flurry, not of that crystalline white stuff, but of activity in the form of projects of all kinds!  Our whole band has certainly been caught up in the storm, and among the most inspiring projects is one that our amazing keyboard player, Rob Lenfestey, is deeply involved in, the Cloud Forest Conservancy Initiative.  This noble effort to preserve a completely untouched and pristine cloud forest in the highlands of Guatemala, saw Rob and fellow Asheville conservationist, Jeremy Schewe, head to the jungle for several weeks of work... Here's the update from their most recent newsletter, and be sure to check out their website at

Our Conservation Effort is Winning! 

We have a lot of work to do... 

If you are ready to jump in and find out how you can help, scroll on towards the bottom.  First, we would like to share a little about our most recent trip into the forest and what is new for our conservation project. 

Recent Discoveries and Successes 

Our CFCI team has returned from the primordial paradise of Cerro el Amay with some incredible new discoveries, successful purchases of multiple large parcels of untouched cloud forest (460 acres), and a new and incredible relationship with the local K’iche’ Maya who live at the edge of forest. 

New Watershed 

One of the most enticing and incredible discoveries our group made is an entire watershed that feeds the enigmatic and unexplored river that we have yet to reach.  In this remote watershed, we discovered a waterfall gushing from a cave opening in the middle of a limestone cliff face.  The water cascades down a steep canyon replete with waterfalls and deep pools of blue hued, calcium rich water. 

Successful Purchases of Cloud Forest Land 

While in Guatemala, we were able to apply all of the to-date funds raised on our YouCaring Campaign and successfully purchase four (4) critical tracts of untouched cloud forest.  Three of these parcels were under the greatest threat of being logged.  We also discovered new cutting in places we had not foreseen, which increases the urgency that we protect the remaining parcels that are under threat. We have made great leaps, but our adventure to save this precious place has just begun. 

Connection to the People 

Due to community support and private donations, the CFCI team was able to provide a scholarship for indigenous K’iche’ woman, Amparo.  Amparo is an indigenous K’iche’ Mayan woman who not only speaks K’iche’, the language of the native people we have been working with, but she also speaks fluent English and Spanish, and has studied at American and British universities. 

We have been working with these people for years and have had a great relationship along the way. With the help of Amparo, we were able to connect with our indigenous allies in ways we never had been able to before.  New levels of understanding flowed like pristine water between us, and by the end, we all left in tears.  Our local friends finally understood the real importance of our mission and the crucial role this forest plays for all of us.  Our indigenous guide, Don Pedro Us, was struck by the fact that this forest is one of the ‘lungs of the Earth’.  It had never occurred to him as such, and with this understanding came a greater resolution to our cause.  The importance of this connection cannot be overstated.  Amparo will continue to be a major bridge in our conservation efforts. 

The Next Step (how we can make the magic happen!) 

There are a number of concrete ways anyone can help our Cloud Forest Conservation Initiative. 

1. Get the Word Out 
  • Spread this message with its attachments to the world! 
  • Go to this Folder and open ‘CFCI Campaign Instructions’ for specific ways to help! 

  • Create a list of friends, family and colleagues who might be able to help and let them know what is going on. 
  • Contact local press, bloggers, activists, community organizers and anyone who could help move this project forward. 

2. Donate to our Campaign (501c3 tax deductible!) 

3. Organize a Fundraising Event 

  • Many people have organized fundraising events including concerts, auctions, work parties and more to support CFCI. Organize a local event and spread the word! 

Together We can save this Cloud Forest, amongst the most important on Earth 

Time is of the essence, as the pressures to clear cut this ancient place grow each and every day. We need to act swiftly to save this entire forest.  If you would like more information please feel free to contact us directly. 

Rob Lenfestey 

(919) 623-0207 

Jeremy Schewe 

(828) 505-1630 

We will save this forest together. This is how we change the world, one step at a time. Here we go. 

In Solidarity, 

The Cloud Forest Conservation Team

4th Anniversary of Orion 

Blessings from my tender heart...It's been 4 years since baby Orion came and left, and it has been quite the journey up until now. I wrote this song as part of my healing process and recorded on garage band, super raw and real... I have hardly shared it with anyone, but felt called this morning as i was listening to it...I hope there is medicine in it for you as there was for me in it's creation...  It's posted on our Soundcloud page, click here to listen.  Thanks and much love to all the spirit babies and the mamas and papas of spirit babies... Aradhana

Sweet '16, Bring Your Own Candles 

Well... looks like it's been a bunch of months since we've had our focus on our website; the truth is, if we were willing to accept labels we might say that we've been feeling like exhausted createntrepreneurial parents of a toddler, stumbling through the learning phases of running Silvermoon Chocolate, while trying to muster the energy and withstand said toddler's antics to play music a few times a week... but we aren't willing to accept labels.  It is incredible to see what gets constantly back-burnered in the face of making, packing, and delivering chocolate, cleaning up after a full throttle, inquisitive, willful two year-old, maintaining a regular meditation/qigong/yoga practice, making time to appreciate each other as more than business and childcare partners, keeping our permaculture urban farming project alive, booking and promoting the band (help!), and chipping away at writing, recording, producing videos, and book projects.  So yeah, video editing, blogging, social media presence all get bumped to the very back of the stovetop real quick.  And amidst it all, we're more grateful and joyful than ever to be doing what we love!

Our desire to post a recap of 2015 in time for New Year's was crushed under the sweet bliss of taking a few days to do very little but nurse our burnout with laughter amongst family, however we did succeed in rummaging a few favorites  of last year's highlights from our backlog of unedited video footage...

Last May, Kinnection got our festival season opened in a powerful way as one of the most joyful crowds we've ever seen! The lofty barn structure of the Air Temple allowed revelers to pack in and get cozy... 

Later in the summer, days before Perseia's 2nd bornday, with her and our percussionisto Michal Oliver, we headed up to Sunflower Farm outside Athens, OH, for a truly unique invitation-only festival for a community of music lovers... The first night we served cacao and shared a few songs, and the next day in the hot sunny afternoon, Michal ripped off some djembe salutes to open our set!

A few weeks later, for the first time since we've moved to the Asheville from LA, we both got to perform "Peace" live with our old bandmates and luminous brothers, FreeWill, Amore One, and J Brave, the Luminaries, at Three Days of Light Gathering!

Then two nights later, we had a great set of our own, our first show featuring the quintessentially funky Rob Lenfestey on keys!  Video is still being edited!

October brought the opportunity to play at Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival, a 25-year running twice-yearly event known for great music and constant dancing!  Our late night set on Saturday night gave us a chance to throw extra funk on the set and keep it rocking well past our normal bedtimes!

A really tight rendition of "Closing of the Cycle..."

And a rocking version of "LiveWire..."

We're excited for this year, to continue working on and releasing our second album "All Eyes," and to connecting with new friends everywhere we go!

Many blessings and love to all

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Listen, read the lyrics, Name Your Price and download I,Star's debut album, Music and the Mood here!

Listen, read the lyrics, Name Your Price and download I,Star's debut album, Music and the Mood here!


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2/13/15 - Flowers and Chocolate: The Secret B-Sides and I,Star Valentine's Weekend

Altamont Theater, 18 Church St., Asheville, NC

A very special Valentine's Eve pairing of the Secret B-Sides w/ I,Star. Chocolate and Secret B-Sides CD included in ticket price!

The evening will begin with a chocolate sipping ceremony, hosted by Silvermoon Chocolate. After the chocolate comes a musical performance by chocolatier, Aradhana Silvermoon, and her husband, Truth-I. The chocolate voiced songstress and her poetic eMCee husband create acoustic Hip-Hop with their band, also known as I, Star.

The Secret B-Sides will follow, performing the entire 'Flowers & Chocolate' album from beginning to end, and finishing with a mix of newer and unreleased songs. All ticket holders will recieve a complimentary copy of 'Flowers & Chocolate' on CD.