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4th Anniversary of Orion 

Blessings from my tender heart...It's been 4 years since baby Orion came and left, and it has been quite the journey up until now. I wrote this song as part of my healing process and recorded on garage band, super raw and real... I have hardly shared it with anyone, but felt called this morning as i was listening to it...I hope there is medicine in it for you as there was for me in it's creation...  It's posted on our Soundcloud page, click here to listen.  Thanks and much love to all the spirit babies and the mamas and papas of spirit babies... Aradhana

Sweet '16, Bring Your Own Candles 

Well... looks like it's been a bunch of months since we've had our focus on our website; the truth is, if we were willing to accept labels we might say that we've been feeling like exhausted createntrepreneurial parents of a toddler, stumbling through the learning phases of running Silvermoon Chocolate, while trying to muster the energy and withstand said toddler's antics to play music a few times a week... but we aren't willing to accept labels.  It is incredible to see what gets constantly back-burnered in the face of making, packing, and delivering chocolate, cleaning up after a full throttle, inquisitive, willful two year-old, maintaining a regular meditation/qigong/yoga practice, making time to appreciate each other as more than business and childcare partners, keeping our permaculture urban farming project alive, booking and promoting the band (help!), and chipping away at writing, recording, producing videos, and book projects.  So yeah, video editing, blogging, social media presence all get bumped to the very back of the stovetop real quick.  And amidst it all, we're more grateful and joyful than ever to be doing what we love!

Our desire to post a recap of 2015 in time for New Year's was crushed under the sweet bliss of taking a few days to do very little but nurse our burnout with laughter amongst family, however we did succeed in rummaging a few favorites  of last year's highlights from our backlog of unedited video footage...

Last May, Kinnection got our festival season opened in a powerful way as one of the most joyful crowds we've ever seen! The lofty barn structure of the Air Temple allowed revelers to pack in and get cozy... 

Later in the summer, days before Perseia's 2nd bornday, with her and our percussionisto Michal Oliver, we headed up to Sunflower Farm outside Athens, OH, for a truly unique invitation-only festival for a community of music lovers... The first night we served cacao and shared a few songs, and the next day in the hot sunny afternoon, Michal ripped off some djembe salutes to open our set!

A few weeks later, for the first time since we've moved to the Asheville from LA, we both got to perform "Peace" live with our old bandmates and luminous brothers, FreeWill, Amore One, and J Brave, the Luminaries, at Three Days of Light Gathering!

Then two nights later, we had a great set of our own, our first show featuring the quintessentially funky Rob Lenfestey on keys!  Video is still being edited!

October brought the opportunity to play at Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival, a 25-year running twice-yearly event known for great music and constant dancing!  Our late night set on Saturday night gave us a chance to throw extra funk on the set and keep it rocking well past our normal bedtimes!

A really tight rendition of "Closing of the Cycle..."

And a rocking version of "LiveWire..."

We're excited for this year, to continue working on and releasing our second album "All Eyes," and to connecting with new friends everywhere we go!

Many blessings and love to all

The Canoe Sessions - "I Rise" Video 

So we did actually escape the clutches of busy weeks flying by and get out on a road trip to visit our families this summer...  We got to visit both essential types of water; the timeless, vast, and salten Atlantic Ocean, as well as a pure, springfed mountain lake.  While partaking of the latter, we went for a canoe ride with Aradhana's guitar and ended up shooting a video as we paddled along.  The song is called "I Rise," from the new record we're working on (slowly!), borne from the realizations made in climbing up from the toughest challenges and lowest places of our lives.  As the title suggests, it's a resurrective song, an ode to the inner phoenix, and an affirmation that we can always choose to get up when life knocks us down... We're really excited about how this song is turning out with the band, but for now, enjoy this acoustic version and the scenery!

Blue Moon 

So every once in a blue moon, we get a chance to do a real update... Second full moon of July (blue moon) is tomorrow, 06:43am!

It's been a bit of a mad dash since the spring this year and we'll likely have to update in a few installments, hopefully with both of us reflecting, to share all the highlights! In the meantime,we're excited to announce that we'll be appearing in the Triangle area this fall, at Shakori Hills Festival Oct. 9-11! Check out our tour dates for updated shows!

Truth-I's Summary: We had an awesome experience at Kinnection in mid-May, playing a set on Saturday night to a packed Air Temple stage.  From beginning to end, the entire vibe of the gathering was filled with a sense of true appreciation for the chance to gather intentionally at the beautiful Deerfields land.  A feeling of community emerged so quickly, a collection of people interested in having an amazing time, giving of themselves to the experience around them with authenticity, gratitude, and unity at the forefront of their awareness.  Every workshop that we visited was packed with curious learners. The music was amazing, though even farthest away from the incredible stage in the quiet camping meadow, earplugs were necessary into the bassy wee hours a few nights of the weekend!  Aradhana and Perseia had the queen-size air mattress tent, while I had the guest-house tent that barely fit the three of us at Gratifly last year, so as not to disturb the girls with my late night crashing    Around our tents, the glowworms (larval) and tiny nymph lightning bugs pulsed in 3D waves ebbing and flowing across the hillsides around us from dusk to dawn.  

We thoroughly enjoyed our other principal roles of dispensing raw chocolate medicine through running the Silvermoon Chocolate booth and holding a lovely Cacao Circle on Friday Evening.  The Circle was a humbling and inspiring experience for us, as our years of cultivating and working with the cacao spirit came to a new level of fruition, as we served over 200 people, who all received it acknowledging the plant as a sacrament and heart/spirit medicine.  The circle sat in reverent contemplative silence for nearly 40 minutes while I distributed Aradhana's elixir from the center of the room with a helper passing a cup to each cardinal direction in rhythm... East, South, West, North, over and over and over.  Truly mesmerizing for me, the stillness and moving meditation of filling cups.  Finally the silence was broken by Kennedy Marks with a handmade wooden flute, punctuating the breathy space in the Air Temple.  A few minutes later Aradhana began to play her guitar and sing "Mother of My Heart," a song we've sung as a hymn at our wedding, times of death and birth, and other poignant moments throughout our lives together.  The crowd picked up on the call and response, and the vibration of the resonant wood structure beneath and around us reached a cathartic, harmonic, ecstatic peak, ending again into a short empty stillness, and proceeding into the next workshop, an ecstatic healing breath class!  All in all, the delicious magick of Aradhana's Medicine Balls, Cacao Bliss Shots, and more, spread widely and made many smiles!
Additionally, I had the opportunity to share two workshops I have been creating for a long while, a morning Dancing Star Qigong session with over 100 other charged up humans, and "The Power of Place," a workshop on geomancy and ley lines in western North Carolina.  Both were a lot of fun for me to share with such receptive groups of people and I'm looking forward to doing more!  I felt like I was running on a pretty high octane fuel, sleeping about 5 hours over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights combined, working the booth between everything else, full of awe at the even, grounded, no-drama vibe that kept becoming more beautifully woven.  By late Sunday night, I could barely speak from the flood of constant inspiration, though I was honored to get to share a few words and a poem at the powerful closing ceremony.  

It is not easy to do a festival, or more appropriately, a gathering or a temporary autonomous zone, as this one was, as parents to a young child.  We were particularly impressed by seeing friends there with three or four kids!  It was certainly more challenging that we were deeply involved with the programming and vending aspects, but while I handled logistical tasks, Aradhana largely focused on Perseia, who had a blast!  Bubbles, dancing, wide-eyed exploring, vibing with other young ones, even staying up late on Sunday night to enjoy the epic Desert Dwellers set!  We hope that the word about Kinnection travels wide, that they may continue to build this community, balancing the fun of a festival with the intention of a sacred gathering!

In Honor of a Fallen Friend on Memorial Day 

The following is the first verse from a song in process, called "God of Dreams," written to honor the life of the most complex being I have ever known... Morpheus, a luminous, creative, wise man and special forces veteran who carried such darkness, guilt, and torment that he eventually took his own life in August of 2006. During the year and a half that I knew him, he shared stories that blew my mind, "war stories" of Central America in the early '80s that described unspeakable horrors, yet also demonstrated honor amongst warriors.  And also he shared the aftermath, of how he came home, built successful businesses, had a beautiful house and family, and lost them due to his unresolved demons; homeless, he found the SoCal desert rave community, began to heal and find peace, but the demons rose again and he ended up in LA's central prison, where the leader he had once been reemerged to teach meditation, squash gang conflicts, and inspire poetry/music ciphers.  As the first line of this verse describes, I have always imagined that Morpheus's life deserved a book to tell the full story... This is a start:

God of Dreams
I should write a book about your life
Guess I haven’t had the chance yet
To speak of you as passed is still an unfamiliar dance-step
You told me put the message in the music
Cause only song is strong enough
To carry out the words of truth we used to talk about
They sent you off to war in El Salvador
Black beret, ranger led the way
But never even knew what you were fighting for
You had the look and spoke the language
Made you lieutenant with the best incentives
Denied the anguish
You were so deceptive
Creeping through the jungle like a jaguar
It was like the games you used to play when you were young
On the reservation with your cousins
Stalking under the golden sun
Spoke a tongue half Chumash, half original
Transmitted subliminal
Now it’s literal
You’re in the jungle with a team of young men
And you’re responsible
They called you Morpheus
Because you never slept
Watching over dreams and nightmares where you delivered death
One day your best friend took a 50 caliber in the chest
You followed west
Chased the shooter two days
Caught him when he stepped to rest
Put your weapons down
With honor and respect
Shared tobacco for the ancestors
Then barehanded fought til you broke his neck
You told the story paused a breath
Oh the horror and the glory
Gazed across the waves toward the sunset
I watched you roll a cigarette
Life is so complex
You said
You never know what happens next
Healer and a warrior
Shaman and a sorcerer
Walker between the worlds
You link them like a corner store
Witness of atrocity
Fearless leader, poverty
 Dancer for Fifth Suns,
Bearer of crazy prophecy
A father and a lost child
Long journey that cost miles
That baggage you dragging
Couldn’t take it through the turnstile
Caught up in the matrix
Tried your best to shapeshift
Woken from this dream
With all the carnage and the fakeness

Rest in peace brother.

Love, Truth-I


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Listen, read the lyrics, Name Your Price and download I,Star's debut album, Music and the Mood here!



2/13/15 - Flowers and Chocolate: The Secret B-Sides and I,Star Valentine's Weekend

Altamont Theater, 18 Church St., Asheville, NC

A very special Valentine's Eve pairing of the Secret B-Sides w/ I,Star. Chocolate and Secret B-Sides CD included in ticket price!

The evening will begin with a chocolate sipping ceremony, hosted by Silvermoon Chocolate. After the chocolate comes a musical performance by chocolatier, Aradhana Silvermoon, and her husband, Truth-I. The chocolate voiced songstress and her poetic eMCee husband create acoustic Hip-Hop with their band, also known as I, Star.

The Secret B-Sides will follow, performing the entire 'Flowers & Chocolate' album from beginning to end, and finishing with a mix of newer and unreleased songs. All ticket holders will recieve a complimentary copy of 'Flowers & Chocolate' on CD.



8/5/16 - Sunflower Gathering

Amesville, OH