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In Honor of a Fallen Friend on Memorial Day 

The following is the first verse from a song in process, called "God of Dreams," written to honor the life of the most complex being I have ever known... Morpheus, a luminous, creative, wise man and special forces veteran who carried such darkness, guilt, and torment that he eventually took his own life in August of 2006. During the year and a half that I knew him, he shared stories that blew my mind, "war stories" of Central America in the early '80s that described unspeakable horrors, yet also demonstrated honor amongst warriors.  And also he shared the aftermath, of how he came home, built successful businesses, had a beautiful house and family, and lost them due to his unresolved demons; homeless, he found the SoCal desert rave community, began to heal and find peace, but the demons rose again and he ended up in LA's central prison, where the leader he had once been reemerged to teach meditation, squash gang conflicts, and inspire poetry/music ciphers.  As the first line of this verse describes, I have always imagined that Morpheus's life deserved a book to tell the full story... This is a start:

God of Dreams
I should write a book about your life
Guess I haven’t had the chance yet
To speak of you as passed is still an unfamiliar dance-step
You told me put the message in the music
Cause only song is strong enough
To carry out the words of truth we used to talk about
They sent you off to war in El Salvador
Black beret, ranger led the way
But never even knew what you were fighting for
You had the look and spoke the language
Made you lieutenant with the best incentives
Denied the anguish
You were so deceptive
Creeping through the jungle like a jaguar
It was like the games you used to play when you were young
On the reservation with your cousins
Stalking under the golden sun
Spoke a tongue half Chumash, half original
Transmitted subliminal
Now it’s literal
You’re in the jungle with a team of young men
And you’re responsible
They called you Morpheus
Because you never slept
Watching over dreams and nightmares where you delivered death
One day your best friend took a 50 caliber in the chest
You followed west
Chased the shooter two days
Caught him when he stepped to rest
Put your weapons down
With honor and respect
Shared tobacco for the ancestors
Then barehanded fought til you broke his neck
You told the story paused a breath
Oh the horror and the glory
Gazed across the waves toward the sunset
I watched you roll a cigarette
Life is so complex
You said
You never know what happens next
Healer and a warrior
Shaman and a sorcerer
Walker between the worlds
You link them like a corner store
Witness of atrocity
Fearless leader, poverty
 Dancer for Fifth Suns,
Bearer of crazy prophecy
A father and a lost child
Long journey that cost miles
That baggage you dragging
Couldn’t take it through the turnstile
Caught up in the matrix
Tried your best to shapeshift
Woken from this dream
With all the carnage and the fakeness

Rest in peace brother.

Love, Truth-I

Kinnection Campout 2015!! 

Ok, ok, it's true, we have been so swamped by our other projects (including 21-month old Perseia, our organic raw chocolate business Silvermoon Chocolate, our attempt at urban farming, etc.) that we haven't been updating as regularly as we aspire to... And this week, we're incredibly slammed as we approach Kinnection Campout 2015 at the legendary Deerfields land outside Asheville, from May 14th-17th!  The lineup of music and workshops this year is stellar!

We are super excited that we will be playing with our band on Saturday night, 10-11pm at the Air Temple stage, but also, we'll have our chocolate booth serving up deliciousness all weekend, including a special Cacao Circle on Friday evening from 8-9pm; as well as two workshops led by Truth-I, Dancing Star Qigong on Friday morning 9-10:30am, and "The Power of Place: Geomancy, Ley Lines, and Grids in WNC" on Saturday afternoon, 2-3pm!

For us this coming weekend represents a long sought-after nexus of many aspects of who we are and what we desire to share with the world!  We're very grateful for these opportunities and can't wait to hang with our Kinnection tribe!  Some tickets are still available here!

Luminaries Release New Track "LUMIN8" Featuring Truth-I! Podcast

This past week, our former bandmates and dear friends from L.A., the Luminaries, have released a bumping new track, "LUMIN8," featuring in addition to Lu MCs J Brave, FreeWill, and Amore One, our own Truth-I, along with Lafa Taylor, Marv Ellis, Srikalogy, Seasunz, Kiyoshi, and Everyman... With a diverse display of style, lyricism, and consciousness from MC to MC, this type of posse-cut throws back to such hip-hop classics as A Tribe Called Quest's "Scenario" or Dungeon Family's "Watch for the Hook."  Listen and download on Bandcamp or Soundcloud!
  1. LUMIN8

Precession of the Full Moons Begins! aka Random Fact of the Day!  

It's the last full moon of winter, which means spring is almost here! Did you know that this full moon of 3/5 begins a countdown of sorts!? The dates of the next four full moons including today follow the sequence: March 5 April 4 May 3 June 2 July 1!?!  Not saying it means anything or is unprecedented, just kinda cool, and won't happen again for at least 20 years (I didn't look past 2035).  You heard it here, some kind of lift-off happens on the 1st of July, #wherewillyoube!? 

Lyrics for "One and Only" & "Convocation of T.I.M.E."  

 Written in continual revision for nearly the last 10 years until recently completed and performed by Truth-I with musical accompaniment at the Indigenous Soul event in Asheville in December, the lyrics to One and Only, and Convocation of T.I.M.E. are finally up!  It is with great excitement that these pieces are finally up and available to the world!  Both are soon to be recorded and released! Follow the links to the respective text pages...

One and Only is an epic-style poem, a long, stream of consciousness flow that weaves a tale of the narrator's exploration of self in relation to existing spiritual paradigms, and an awakening to the ultimate conclusion that All is One... A piece that feels familiar to many who have also contemplated similar themes.

Convocation of T.I.M.E., a rhythmic oeuvre that lulls the listener/reader to exploring the conventional notions of time and mind, using two core acronyms of the word time to open up a new way of relating to the concept... T.I.M.E can be experienced by each of us as Truth I Manifest Eternally, as well as This Infinite Moment Evermore...



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